Forward a Tiny Step at a Time

San Diego – Well, as of this weekend the motorhome was cleaned out by the former owner and now is ready for me to start moving in.  I am quite behind the schedule I set for myself since by now I should have had at least one “shake down” cruise to sort out not only the coach itself but also the planned concept for running the location workshops and field trips.  I had wanted to do a trip to see the Fall color in the Sierras early this month but having missed my window of open weekends for a while I’m now looking at least three weeks down the road for another chance as the next two weekends have at least one of the days booked.

But things sometimes happen in their own time and for reasons we cannot quite grasp.  This will give me a chance to move in but more slowly and purposefully and get some work done that is needed.  I have a tendency to want to rush in and get it happening and on more than one occasion it has proved propitious to slow down and let things happen more naturally.  Perhaps this is one of those times.

Meantime, I will be talking to the San Diego PhotoShop Users Group on Saturday about moving photography from craft to art; that should be fun.  And with “winter” coming on in Southern California the desert region from Death Valley to the Mohave to Anza Borrego becomes far more bearable for me temperature wise and so the good news is that here, winter does not bring a cessation to such trips, only a change of direction.

Addendum: Here, by the way, is the long lost shot of the coach as i first saw it in my friend’s storage lot.


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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