Slowly but Surely…

San Diego – Finally… I just picked up the motor home from the motorhome doctors with a clean bill of health.  Even in the short ride back to the storage place she seemed to respond better.  Now it’s time to move in and truly make her mine.  I have a growing pile of stuff in my living room destined to live in Rosey and be ready for anything.

I had to ask the service techs how to operate some of the appliances. My previous motor homes (see the first post) were “old school” and everything that ran off of propane except the stove had to be lit from outside.  But I could find no provisions in the outside compartments for lighting them.  it turns out that the reason is this one is not like that.

Instead, this one has piezo-electric starters on everything on the inside so there is no more need to go shivering in the cold trying to get a match to stay lit long enough to start the furnace.  I know for those of you with new RVs that may not seem like a big thing, but it would be if you had ever been standing outside in the driving rain or snow going through 400 matches to try to light the hot water heater or furnace!

I still want to take it on a “shake-down” cruise before doing a real workshop but that may have to wait for the long Christmas break when I plan on doing a photo trek up the coast into Oregon and maybe farther depending on time.  Then starting with the Spring semester will trot out a series of 2-3 day workshops plus will have the Landscape Class trips that are a 3-day and a 4-day trip.

For shorter trips this Spring I’m thinking places like Joshua Tree, Mohave Preserve, Salton Sea, and maybe a 3 day to Sequoia-King’s Canyon as well.  I’ll work up details and costs and post them on the workshops page of this site; hopefully in a few weeks.

I’m also planning on going back to visit friends in Denver over the Thanksgiving week but since I’ll be able to stay with them and not need lodging I’ll just take the little Montero so I can take photo gear to allow me to take my time and shoot in the mountains and maybe, if the weather holds, in Monument Valley on the way back.

I expected by now to actually be starting some trip logs from the field but all good voyages require the proper outfitting and preparation to avoid disaster on the high seas or seamless highways, but it’s almost there.  The work just done was essential for my own peace of mind so I’m glad I did it.

Perhaps the next general post, or at least the one after it, can be from the road somewhere.  Part of my research has been into the issues involving staying in touch from the road.  Most private RV parks have WiFi available as do some of the public ones in parks or major destination sites.  I also will be equipped with some cellular MiFi ability so long as cell phone service is available.  And I’ve even been looking into satellite communications should I decide to head way off the beaten track.

With such communications ability not only will it allow communications for emergencies, it will also be possible, whenever I’m ready, to conduct online classes from nearly anywhere.  That is an idea with growing appeal to me given the pounding our program is taking with the budget cuts.  To be able now and then to do an entire semester from the road somewhere sounds like a great plan!  And with the summer program now officially cut entirely, my opportunity to do a summer mostly on the road with workshops and classes is all the more likely.

It also means that with the proper preparation and marketing I could bring some basic photo, espeically digital photo instruction into smaller communities not served by such classes at a Community College or wherever.


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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