Thanksgiving Trip: Chapter 1 — Planning

San Diego – Well, it is not what I expected to write about first since it is not being taken in the motor home.  But this blog is also about travels in general so it sort of fits since this is certainly is a road trip and it will definitely also entail photography.  So where AM I headed?

I’m headed to Denver for the Thanksgiving Holiday week to see great old friends and relax back in the mountains I so dearly love.  instead of the motorhome I am driving the little Montero Sport since I’ll be staying with friends and will have no need for lodging when there.  But it will be carrying a pile of gear designed to take photos and in addition to a planned day in some of the old stomping grounds (to the extent early winter allows) I initially was planning the route to and from to take advantage of the scenery along the way.  I must have said that out loud at some point and i do know better.

On one hand, it is pleasant to contemplate a trip like this where time is not of the essence and I don’t have to push myself and the vehicle to blaze a new land-speed record as has been the case in the last few trips I’ve done.  The most infamous of which was going back for a retirement party of a dear old friend in which I left San Diego about 9 on Friday evening in the Jag, hit the migration from LA to Vegas that never saw a speed over 45 between Victorville and Las Vegas, but still rolled into Denver at 9:30 the next morning.  i had time for a quick nap then showered, changed clothes, went to the event, went back for another nap and headed back to San Diego because I had to teach early Monday morning.  This time there is plenty of time.

Unfortunately the weather forecast is not all that cooperative.  If I leave on Friday as planned and take the shorter I-15/I-70 route I will hit Vail Pass on Saturday and a large snowstorm is being forecast for then.  Without a 4WD vehicle and good winter tires that is a disaster looking for a place to happen.  So if the forecast does not change by Friday morning then I need to take the longer (by about 250 miles) southern route where the weather forecast is fine.  Bummer…The initial plan was to go the faster route going out but to do the southern road on the return trip to take some time to play in that scenery.   But over the years I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way,  without the proper equipment I can’t fight the weather gods and hope to win.  So I may end up going south on both legs.

We’ll see…


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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