Playing Around

San Diego — In addition to getting my syllabi and Blackboard pagers ready for Spring semester, and trying to work out some good times for weekend and longer workshops and seminars, I do try to do what I encourage students to do: play and practice with your photography.  On a recent walk in Balboa Park I took a single lens, in this case a 70-200mm to practice seeing with it in ways it is not normally used.  Here are two examples.

The first is a shot of some backlit leaves.

The second shot is of the rim-lit tips of some palm fronds.

Both are shot with a canvas print in mind.  You can click on either print to see a larger version (I can’t believe I just realized how to do this… some things are just too obvious and it is like a forest and trees issue.  Duh!)

On the workshop page I’ve added some more data, so if you are interested make sure I have your email address so i can let you know when things get firmed up.


About ndking

Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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