Want to Know What We Told Our Photographers About 2015?

This is from one of the top photo reps, offices in San Fran and New York. For all of you looking at entering the business or improving your standing, this post is really important and timely. I’d highly recommend following her blog.

Notes From A Rep's Journal

Every year in December and early January, we review with our photographers all that was accomplished in that year.  We also spend a lot of time defining, creatively and financially, what a  successful 2015 will look like.  The reports we write are very time intensive and cover every aspect of their marketing.  We find it very helpful to be able to review, all in one place, not only what the photographer accomplished that year but what we as a rep group accomplished as well.  We compare it to the previous year’s goals and look carefully at the factors that we think affected the year.

Historically, we also reflected on what trends we witnessed in the industry.  Just as in the case with previous years, the issues and trends that rose to the top were not new.  Once again, creating more new work, photographer focused marketing, retaining long term clients, evolution…

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