2nd Tier Specialty Classes at City College

Here is an important “HEADS UP” for you.  In about three weeks we will be starting the second set of 1 credit special techniques classes.  These are 1-unit, one 3-hour meeting per week for only 8 weeks looking in depth at some special techniques and approaches for photographers.


The first is a class designed for those digital shooters who would love to have the resolution to rival and perhaps overwhelm that available even in large format film such as 4×5 and even 8×10.  The class will demonstrate the equipment and show the processes for taking multiple segments of a larger view and stitching them seamlessly to create virtually unlimited resolution and the detail that can only come from files approaching or surpassing 1 gigabyte in size.

It is amazing to look deeply into these high res landscape shots and see things you never realized were there, in fact could not see, when you took the shot.  This also allows you to produce wall sized final prints for dioramas and murals that are as sharp as an 8×10 print from a normal file.  And you can do this all for a tiny fraction of what it would cost for a medium format digital much less a large format scanning back.


The second is a class in printing and displaying your prints on Canvas.  Canvas prints are increasingly popular with collectors.  The good news is that they are easy to do though it does require some additional processing and printers with some unique characteristics.  We’ll cover all of that AND have you making canvas prints on our 12-ink, 44” Epson 9900 printer, acknowledged as one of the great production printers available.

You’ll get a chance to stretch your canvas prints using museum, gallery, and panel wrap techniques.  This too is an 8-week one 3-hour meeting per week class.

So if these topics interest you, the classes are open for registration now.  Please don’t procrastinate but sign up as soon as possible to assure both a space and to help assure that in this day of automatic class cuts before a class even starts, the classes will have a chance of success.

For details and class numbers click on the link above (under the banner) for the page of City College Photo classes.


As an aside, this weekend a special astronomical event will be occurring.  On Sunday evening the moon not only will be at Perigee (its closest pass to earth) so will be 14% larger than normal, it will also exhibit a full lunar eclipse leading to a so-called “Blood Moon”.  So for the last time in years, we will have a Super Blood Moon.    This should be even better than the moon I shot last month!  Don’t miss it.  Here on the west coast it should be fully visible.  The moon will rise about 6:30-ish at 89° (almost due east) and the eclipse will start shortly thereafter.  You will likely not get another chance at this in your lifetime!


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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3 Responses to 2nd Tier Specialty Classes at City College

  1. Ray Conser says:

    Hi David, I tried to register for the unlimited resolution class in August but I was unable to do so. I was told that I did not meet the prerequisites. I have been a serious amateur photographer for 40+ years. I have completed approximately 40 credit hours of photography courses at UCSD Extension and was awarded their Certificate of Photography. But the City College admin people told me that UCSD Extension courses do not count in satisfying prerequisites

    I would very much like to take the unlimited resolution course and perhaps your portrait and landscape courses in the future. If there is anything you can do to cut through the administrative red tape, I would be greatly appreciative. My CSID is 1846860. Some of my photography can be seen at http://www.ramonconser.com

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Ray Conser

  2. Ray Conser says:

    Hi David. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I thought I was communicating with you via email and was looking for a response there rather than via your blog. Just checked your blog today and saw your response.

    My CSID is 1846860.

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