Last Chance for Special Classes and then a link to something different

This is really the last chance to signup for the Special Techniques 8-week, one unit classes starting the week of October 19.  One class is on using Canvas for printing and the other is on how to assemble individual frames into a large image of nearly unlimited resolution.

The Dean will cancel the classes by the end of this coming week if there are insufficient students so if you are interested, it is now or never.  See details following the link under the banner above.


As some of you know I have another blog that I reserve for rants of various types. (The direct link is in the right hand column.) But sometimes I confess I get so bored with politics other interests take over.  Almost two years ago that happened and I wrote an entry on sharpening knives, something with all due immodesty I’m good at.  That led to a question emailed to me about blade design.  It was a fun side bar for me.  I’m a major aficionado of the American frontier and old west and that fit right in.

But of all the posts I’ve written over the past 10-12 years, that post on knives has gotten the most views and still continues to get them.  Then a week ago, out of the blue, I got an email from someone who had stumbled across that post and asked a question about Bowie knives, specifically how I could talk about a knife that no one knows what it really looked like.  I knew that to be true but for some reason, with that question, that fact fascinated me so I did some research among my own library books and collection of goodies; the result is the new post I just created.  I know it is a little off the normal reservation but if you have any interest in such things, take a look.

And do spread the word about those classes!!!


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