VOICES:  Honoring Veterans – A Project Saga Part 2: The Portraits

Banner for blogPart One (just below this post) told the narrative about the show “VOICES: Honoring Veterans” giving details of how the portraits were done and prepared for display plus some photos of the gallery and the reception.

This post, Part Two, will show you the results of my efforts to contribute to this event: portraits of 23 veterans drawn from students and faculty at City College as well as some veterans from earlier campaigns we were able to contact and who agreed to come in, be photographed, and be a part of our tribute to veterans during this Veterans Day period.

You can click on any of the thumbnails to see that portrait full screen. (Escape Key will bring you back to this gallery page)

At the show opening many of these vets were able to come and chat with the visitors.  That participation really brought these portraits to life.

The actual prints in the show were 20” x 30“ in size making the faces  life size or slightly larger.  By the way, the show will be open through early December so if you are able, do please try to get down to see it; the files only give you an idea of how the prints actually look and “feel.”  There are nuances in the bigger print images that are not all that apparent in these smaller and lower resolution images.

I want to especially thank Candice Lopez, lead faculty in City College’s Graphic Arts Program, who conceived and produced this show.  She and her team worked tirelessly to make this one of the more professional looking exhibitions we have been honored to have in our (the Photography program’s) “Luxe” gallery.  I just took some portraits but they, and our lab techs did the heavy lifting to make it all happen.  I’m hoping we can collaborate on another show in the near future.


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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