Repost on Fireworks

Sorry for the long absence.  Some of you know I’ve had some “issues” with various joints, especially my legs, since my play time with the Army in the late 1960s. Over the least couple of years one shoulder and a wrist have been attended to but the elephant in the room has always been my knees.  Finally, one of them simply failed completely.  Spring semester saw me go from painful walking to painful walking with a walking stick to…walking in deep pain while looking like Walter Brennan on a bad leg day.  There was no position I could be in that did not hurt… standing, sitting, lying down, life quality was diminishing fast so it was time to do something.  So last week I had the worst of the knees totally replaced .

I can tell you categorically we are not — NOT — having fun yet!  But with the Bristlecone Pines workshop coming up in August I was rapidly running way short on maneuvering room.  Among the things falling through the cracks were this blog.  I have several posts almost written but have been unable to shoot the illustrations and photos   I was also able to complete the mandated Online Certification Course and in Fall 2016 will begin some online offerings at City.  These are not “tutorials” or what we used to call “correspondence” classes which are largely asynchronous presentations like enhanced versions of the “How-to” and demo presentations or “canned” lectures.  The State mandates that if we are to give credit bearing courses they must, as closely as possible, provide student-teacher interactions and feedback simulating the classroom environment.

Meantime the 4th of July is coming up with grilling out, fireworks, parties, etc. so here is the link to a previous post on shooting fireworks that should make sure you get some good images after the BBQs… which I WILL MISS!!!!!

I’m assured by many that these first 2 weeks are the hard ones then it begins to accelerate getting better.  I am SOOOO ready for that next phase I can hardly tell you.  There is much to do to get ready for Fall semester with new presentations, etc. So hopefully in a week or so I’ll be back on schedule with this blog.  Thanks for your patience.


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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2 Responses to Repost on Fireworks

  1. Lana Kira says:

    David get better! Hard to hear what you are going through:( praying for faster recovery from surgery and getting strong again! 🙂
    Thinking about you! And Happy 4th of July!

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