Great Show at City

Friday evening the Photo Program at City College’s Luxe Gallery hosted the opening of the show, “Visions.”  An all female show from a group of working professional women photographers, each showing one piece.  I was an incredible show and if you have a chance, while it is still up, do get down to see it.   We’ve had a number of well attended shows but this was one of the top ones in terms of attendees to the opening.  Simply put, it was PACKED! 

Here is a shot of the crowd in the main part of the gallery. 

visions show crowd

The shoulder to shoulder turn out for the Visions show at San Diego City College’s Luxe Gallery.  It was an incredible turn-out to support the artists and photography. (c) N. David King, shot with iPhone 6

It was great to see that many people come out to support photography and the artists in the show but it did make it hard to actually see all of the work.  I overheard several say they needed to come back when they could properly enjoy the exhibit.  The work ranged from some well thought out imagery to some well printed snap shots but the overall quality was really high – and that is saying a lot for a show with this many entries that was not a curated or juried show. 

So again, if you like and want to support photography and indicate we should be doing more shows like this, it is well worth your time to come down and see it.  The artists will appreciate it and you will enjoy the experience.  You can call the photo lab for times when it is open for viewing: 619-388-3281.

Also do note that responses are already coming in for the Bristlecone Pines trek this coming summer.  Check out the details on the link in the banner above and if this seems like something you’d enjoy doing, for instance joining other photographers to photograph in some of the truly iconic areas shot by the greats including Adams, Weston, Sexton, etc., then do sign up.

And also I want to thank all of you who purchased a copy of my book, “The Future of Professional Photography and Photo Education.”  I was never intended as a commercial project, rather one to help inform our planning at City’s Photo Program and to start a broader discussion on the topic among photographers and educators alike.  I assumed I’d get about 3 sales (it would have been 4 if my mother were still alive) so the level of sales has been truly surprising. 

Equally surprising has been the positive response.  I expected a lot more push-back since it takes on academia generally for its failure to respond to the needs and realities of our discipline and especially hammers SoCal coddled approaches to education which may prepare students for a career as a regular on Romper Room but set them up for and virtually guarantee their failure upon attempted entry into the real world of professional photography.  To be fair, there have been a few disgruntled educators whose sacred cows were shot and eaten openly in the book, but overwhelmingly, working professionals and others in the discipline have been incredibly supportive.  So thank you all.  Here is a direct link to get the book from the printer, Lulu if you’d like to check it out.

Now that the semester is underway, census date has passed, and we can settle into a more or less workable routine, I’ll try to do a better job at keeping this up to date with photos and videos of what all is happening here.





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