An Inner Journey … Really Inner…

Those of you who know me are aware that despite the teaching and workshop/seminar/presentation events I do, I am at heart a somewhat intensely personal person who keeps personal things, well… personal.  But enough of you around me noticed and asked about an unexpected absence from the scene so it deserves an explanation.  So here is a short post to address those concerns (and my thanks for them).

I was in the hospital from the 30th  with severe stomach cramps and what turned out to be an almost completely blocked colon, where, on February 4th, after pouting enough Colace™ down my gullet to turn Gibraltar into a bowl of rock broth, pumping me up with air like a basketball, stirring my innards with an industrial food processor, I had a laparoscopic colon resection.  I joked with the doctor that he had turned my colon into a semicolon.  Then, stitched, stapled and glued back together, I was having a truly delightful time of it but I confess, I pretty much completely filled up my “fun” quota for the month when, the day after the surgery, I had a sneezing fit.

However, now I’m back, back at school, on the mend, though the incision sites are still sore and put up a fuss when I engage my abdominal muscles, but it is getting better every day.  The hard part is trying to play catch up with classes, especially the two online classes with 40+ students in each one.  I seem to run out of steam a little more easily than normal so I need a few more hours in the day for at least the next week…Oh well, sleep is for weenies…

Now that I’m more or less back on track we’ll get back to more normal entries.  But I wanted my friends who were concerned to know what was happening.



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8 Responses to An Inner Journey … Really Inner…

  1. Not good what happened, but I’m so glad it’s over! Get better David! Thank you for an update and take good care of yourself so we can enjoy more of your presence:) lots of love and care, Svetlana

  2. gene says:

    very glad you are back with us….the sudden disappearance was worrisome.

    • ndking says:

      It was a bit disconcerting for me too. When I went in to Urgent Care on the urging of my Primary Care Doctor, I had no expectation of (or preparation for) being admitted on the spot… that came as a total surprise.

  3. BL says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. We were beginning to get worried. I know this is senseless to say, however, take care and take it easy. Go big on the rest when your body tells you it is time!

  4. Eli says:

    You will be back to normal, you will heal. We will not be worry .. Oops ok that is my mantra for you. 🙂

  5. Albertine says:

    I just saw this. I cannot imagine what you went through. Did they get you all fixed up? Good to go going forward? Do you need anything?

    • ndking says:

      Well… sort of. It will be a less than pleasant next few months but c’est la vie. Can’t think of anything I need but nice thoughts are always valuable… The post on “Inner journey revisited” brings this a bit up to date. I’m headed to Santa Fe over the break then will begin the treatment regimen. From what I hear that will pretty much fill up my fun quota for a while.

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