I Can’t Stay Away from Teaching…

As the cartoon character Cathy used to say… “Aaaaack!”  Retirement must be wonderful for people who do not like what they did for a living and are now free to go play as they always wanted to.  Good for them!  But I’m someone who IS what they DO… I loved what I did — teach and shoot — and it was actually all “play” for me.  So retirement has actually been, for me, not what it was cracked up to be.

So I had fortunately done the paperwork for retirement in such a way as to allow me, after a semesters separation from service, to return to teach what they refer to as “pro rata,” meaning I can teach a limited number of hours but do it as an adjunct would (meaning all I have to do is show up and teach (well, with the prep and grading, etc.) and not have to deal with the political nonsense.  And that means that I can return to teach a class in Spring of 2020.

To that end I’ve worked with my old full time partner, Dave Eichinger, to plan that return.  Apparently a number of students have asked about the old Landscape Class, so in Spring I’ll do one of those.  Full details are on the page listed in the banner above.

What will be interesting is that because my limited number of hours is less than that class offers I’ll team teach it.  I’ve asked one of my colleagues who specializes in photo history to be my “team mate” so material on iconic landscape photographers and artists can flesh out the course and make it even more comprehensive than I could do it alone.

I’m really quite excited about it and love the idea of getting back in a class room.  Now I need to get out and do some shooting for new material and also do some promo/marketing work for it including a video… cool!  I’m so glad to be back onto chatting about photo stuff here.  It is ever so much more pleasant to deal with.


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Commercial Photographer and Professor of Photography at San Diego City College
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4 Responses to I Can’t Stay Away from Teaching…

  1. Don Rowe says:

    Go Knock’em Dead! You are such a great teacher and inspirer to all your students, David.

  2. Vina says:


    Do you know the days and times of this landscape class? Would love to take it.


    Sent from my iPhone Excuse any typos


  3. ndking says:

    Approval is going through the system as we speak but what is on the draft schedule now is that it will be Tuesdays and THursdays from 3:30 – 6:40. Check out the page for it listed in the banner above. Once it is approved I’ll let people know. I do not know yet when the district will open Spring Semester for class registration but will post that too when I learn it. Thanks for your interest I look forward to seeing you there.

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