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Hi!  In my career I have been a painter, sculptor, printmaker, photographer, videographer, producer, director, writer, and am now a professor of Photography at San Diego City College.  To learn enough about me to put the most ardent insomniac into a deep coma, log onto my main website (www.ndavidking.com) where you can read about me and my work, see sample gallery collections and get photo handouts and data from my page for students.

This blog is to give me a place to write about the travels and adventures I have on photo treks as well as shows, workshops and seminars and perhaps from time to time look back on previous adventures and quote from old logs and journals I kept.  I do not think of myself as a writer but since there is no one else to do this… it’s up to me I guess.

The shot on the right, above, with me on top of Winston, my Land Rover, was taken in the early 1980s by my now ex wife Elizabeth who was one of the best possible travel companions one could ever ask for.  We traveled and photographed from Florida to Alaska and from Maine to Baja, crisscrossing the country and experiencing some of the most awesome beauty to be found on the planet.

This new blog takes up, after a pause of a few years, where those adventures left off.  As you can see in this shot from a workshop in Death Valley by participant Carla McElroy, my beard is a lot more gray and, alas, my belt is a bit larger, but my heart still belongs behind a camera.

David-by Jim BlazeNow students in my classes at San Diego City College as well as my private workshops and seminars will be the most likely companions to explore some of these breathtaking places.  Places such as Yosemite, where student Jim Blaze took the shot to the left, other iconic locations around Southern California such as Mono Lake, Carmel, Bodie, Joshua Tree, Salton Sea and the Anza-Borrego Desert.

And of course there are the trips up the coast into Oregon through the Redwoods, to the canyon country of Utah and Arizona, the Mountains of my home turf of Colorado and New Mexico.

NOT A SELFIE!!!  This shot was taken by (and © by) Cynthia Sincair.  But it does show me where I love to be, camera in hand.  Canon 5D MkIII

NOT A SELFIE!!! This shot was taken by (and © by) Cynthia Sincair. But it does show me where I love to be, camera in hand. Canon 5D MkIII

A recent series of posts chronicled a week-long trek to Taos to photograph and check on the logistics of doing a photo workshop there.

There are even entries covering some of my commercial/professional work such as the food photography my shooting partner Cynthia Sinclair and I have done.  In short it is a window into the world of a dedicated, obsessive image maker.  I can only hope you will enjoy reading of the adventures as much as I have enjoyed living them.


12 Responses to About David

  1. Hi! My friend John Watts suggested I contact you about your workshops…I’ve looked around on your Blog and webpage but I don’t find any detailed information. Will you please let me know when they will come together? Many thanks and best regards to you and your “Rosie”!! Like the way you write, thanks for sharing your adventures!!

  2. Geoff Griffin says:

    I am seconding, is that a word??? the above response, I was interested as well. The White mountains looks very nice…. I would also be interested in your next fall schedule. Passionate teaching always attracts me, call me crazy. Anyway I wanted to wish you well on your medical adventure. I had shoulder surgury a year and a half ago just to clean out the joint a bit. Much better. Good luck and hope to be seeing you soon.

    • ndking says:

      We should know about the Fall schedule very soon. It is in the final stages of approvals. We may need to cut another lab but the primary classes seem safe for the moment. I’ll post the schedule as soon as it can be relied upon.

    • ndking says:

      Check out the page for the Bristlecone Pine trip this summer!

  3. Lorretta Clarke says:

    Wow, David just came across this website. Wished I had earlier, would’ve loved the bristledone Pine workshop. I also loved your page on lightpainting – ie using multiple shots and highlighting a little at a time – wonderful work. Please add me to your e-mail list for future workshops

  4. Janice Roudebush says:

    Hello David, I am so sorry to hear about your surgery , sounds very painful. I tried reaching you through your office but realize you are on break. I am hoping you will be available to serve as the critique judge for January, will look forward to hearing from you.

  5. Lorretta Clarke says:

    Hi David, I have no idea how or why I got information about you. An email from Janice (and as far as I know I don’t know her either) appeared on my inbox – however I am glad I opened it up. There is a wealth of information on you blog, and your writing of photography is honest and unique. I too hope that your surgery/recovery goes well. I am in the SF Bay Are and may well be interested in workshops.

  6. Jim Evrard says:

    HI David,
    I belong to a local photo club here in Houston and was preparing a short presentation to the club on digital photo workflows, and came across your 4 page detailed flowchart, phase one through phase three on photography workflows.This is one of the most detailed and comprehensive workflow explanations I have seen. I would very much like to share this with the club and request your permission to include it(with notation to you) in my presentation. Also could I have your permission to use it as a reference handout if members request it? In addition could you also please add me to your mailings for future workshops.
    Thank you.

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