SPRING 2018: My Photo Classes at City College

SPRING 2018: 


This is the beginning class down the digital track and is a prerequisite for many of our intermediate and advanced level courses.  In it we will introduce the students to the digital camera types and operations, history, nomenclature, etc. and will also be covering the foundational issues for all photographers of ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, depth of field, motion rendering, lenses, etc. plus composition/aesthetic issues to make your photos more powerful.  We will also be introducing Adobe Photoshop™ as the industry standard serious photo editor.  We’ll cover a proper workflow and process for shooting, editing, outputting.  Projects will include both technical and aesthetic based assignments.

You will need your own DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses.  For classroom-based classes you can use our digital lab’s computers if you do not have one at home.  For online courses, of course, you will need to have tour own computer capability and at least a fairly recent version of Photoshop™.  Although we will be following the general week-to-week pattern of topics and assignments from classsroom versions, there are no classroom meetings and you can work pretty much at your own pace so long as you meet the assignment and quiz deadlines.

Most material will be delivered and submitted using the District’s current OLS (Online Learning System) Blackboard.  I’ll be sending out preliminary material to help you get online with it and get settled in.  It has a lot of internal instructional material to help.  Most of the material will be directly delivered to you or in links to video and other materials.  Most (but not all) are also runnable on mobile devices so you can access course materials from nearly anywhere.

I have two online sections of this class and we also have one classroom based section team taught with Professor  Christine Bowers and Professor Gary Holley. This is an important course to make sure your grounding is solid for going on in our program.

“Introduction to Digital Photography”
Photo 143, CRN 67383  (Fully Online)
Photo 143, CRN 87754 (Fully Online)

Once I start to receive a list of students I will send you copies of the syllabus and any other preliminary data.  NOTE:  The last time we ran these courses online they filled up fast.  So I really would recommend registering as soon as possible.


The ability to use artificial lighting both by itself in the studio or in combination with natural or ambient lighting on location, is the hallmark of the top level commercial/professional photographer.  It is also the prerequisite foundation for subsequent classes using studio techniques such as portraiture, fashion, advertising, etc.

The 4-credit hour class will cover the topic from the technical to the aesthetic including light characteristics, lighting styles, lighting instruments (from studio-based units to portable flash including hot lights, cool lights, and electronic flash units), light modification, and selecting the right lighting equipment to deal with various various surfaces and materials.

You will need your own digital or film camera but you can complete assignments using our studios and lights.  We will also cover building your own light and location kits as well which you will need to do for your own work and after the class.

“Photographic Lighting Techniques”
Photo 200A CRN76683  Date M/W 5:30 – 9:30, Semester is Jan 29 – May 26




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