SPRING 2020: My Landscape Class at City College


As many of you know I officially retired at the end of Spring Semester 2019.  But I confess I miss teaching a lot.  So in accordance with the union and retirement rules, after a separation of a semester I can return and teach what is called “Pro-rata” which is a very limited approach.  For Spring Semester, 2020 I’ve been asked to bring back the Landscape Class (Photo 245).

We’ve not run this class for a while because admin decided there would not be enough students to make it a “go.’  They even cut it one semester two weeks after it was announced, still in the preceding semester, saying no one had signed up yet so it was an obvious loser.  Well, guys, especially for those who keep asking about it, this is your chance to let them know if that is correct or not.  So why might you want to take this class???  Read on…

This is a course that includes field trips and material exploring the world of landscape photography (which includes most “…scape” genres including seascapes and urban landscapes, etc.)  including such topics as:

  • Why landscape?  What landscape can teach you about other genres of photography
  • How to plan and budget for a landscape/location based photo trek
  • Making revenue from your landscape/fine art photographs
  • Surviving emergencies when out in the wild shooting your landscapes
  • Examples of iconic landscape photographers, landscape artists, and how they approached their work and created the base we work from.
  • How to first shoot and then edit your RAW landscape files to create images that best render your “vision” for that scene when you took it.

As the late night TV ads say, “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!”

You’ll get two instructors for the price of one this time!  The class will be using a “team teaching” approach. Since this is such a broad topic we’ve incorporated some specialized expertise.  Professor Melinda Holden will be joining us to let you see where we come from.  We are truly standing on the shoulders of Giants and they have a lot to teach us.

We’ll likely do at least two weekend overnight field trips.  One 3-day (Friday-Sunday) will be to Owens Valley to see and photograph the famous Alabama Hills, the waterfall at Whitney Portal, and include some night sky photography.  The other field trip will be to the beautiful Yosemite National Park.  That will be a 4-day trek.  To help you plan for them I’ll give details early in the class.  You will want to go on at least one of them although in the past most students have wanted to go on both.

Photo 245 Details
3:30 – 6:40 PM
Semester starts February 3, 2020 through June 4

I hope to see you all then!!!


2 Responses to SPRING 2020: My Landscape Class at City College

  1. christopher glenn says:

    Excellent. Hope to see you in February.

  2. ndking says:

    Great, Chris, I look forward to it. I think we’ll have some fun.

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