Workshops & Seminars

This page  contain the descriptions and schedules for seminars and workshops I’ll be leading or producing.  There are three types of presentations:

  • Seminars, 
  • Workshops, and
  • Fieldtrips

Seminars are generally of short duration and primarily consist of lecture and/or demo of the topic.  They might be about a technique, some type of equipment, photo application, or photo process.  These might be occasionally longer if the topic demands but are normally 1/2 day to weekend in length.

Workshops are generally hands-on events and include location field trips.  Workshops usually will involve a preliminary orientation meeting, the actual field trip or hands on work (such as in the studio, darkroom, or digital lab), then a follow-up meeting where work produced will be shown and critiqued.  The field trip/hands-on portion could be anywhere from a day to a long weekend to even a week in some cases.

Fieldtrips are shooting trips conducted as part of a normal class at City College such as the Landscape Photography Class (Photo 245)

NOTE:  We are in the early weeks of Spring Semester for 2015 and beginning to plan some summer workshops so stay tuned.  The Bristlecone Pines trip is already planned and accepting reservations.  Click on the page link on the banner above for all the data. 

All of the location-based workshops will include a preliminary meeting and then a follow up show-and-tell/critique meeting hosted by the Photo Program at San Diego City College.

Payment of the fee will be due in full by the preliminary orientation meeting.



Int’l Exhibition at Del Mar Fair

June 10, 2015, 7: pm Judges Round Table

June 17, 2015, 7:pm Judges Critique


Ancient Bristlecone Pines – July 09 – July 12, 2015

This for-pay workshop will travel to the famous Bristlecone Pines in the White Mountains near Bishop, CA and stay in the beautiful Crooked Creek Research Station. Workshop fee is $300 and includes lodging and meals at the research station. CHECK OUT THE COMPLETE DATA FROM THE PAGE LINK ON THE BANNER ABOVE.

 Printing on Canvas Workshop:  TBA

The Fee is $40.00 per student.  In addition, the price for canvas and ink using the school’s fabulous Epson 9900 44″ printer is $17.00 per linear foot.  We use exhibition grade canvas so your prints will come out quite stunning.  You will also be responsible for getting your own canvas stretcher bars and other framing materials all of which, along with some discounts, will be discussed in the first class meeting.  The itinerary is as follows: Class 1: Introduction to printing on canvas and materials; Class 2: Introduction to the preparation for the canvas print in Photoshop; Class 3: Introduction to the printer and the print room, etc.; Class 4:  Displaying canvas prints — including laminating, stretching, mounting on panels, etc.; Class 5: Work/Print/Mount times where you can work on creating and finishing your work; Class 6:  Critique/Show-and-Tell for work done during the class.  During classes 3 through 6 there will be “lab time” available for you to work on your print(s).

TAOS in the Fall

We are currently doing location scouting and gathering data to put together a Photo Workshop in the iconic artist’s village of Taos, NM.  Beautiful old missions, the famous Taos Pueblo, little Spanish villages, all nestled in the Sangre De Cristo mountains north of Santa Fe.  I should have more complete data on this in early April so stay tuned.



7 Responses to Workshops & Seminars

  1. Bob Hartamn says:

    If you have a mailing list for future workshops I would appreciate being added. Many thanks, Bob

  2. Bob Hartman says:

    If you maintain a mailing list for future workshops I would appreciate being added, many thanks.


  3. Patti Garretson says:

    InterestedIn booking you as a speaker on Photographing Plants and flowers for La Jolla Garden Club. Please contact me by e-mail Thank you Patti Garretson

    • ndking says:

      Hi Patti, thanks for the invitation. I’d love to but I’m going in the 21st for knee replacement surgery so it will be a few weeks before I’m back on my feet, so to speak. I tried to email you but the email in your comment got kicked back.

  4. Alexandria Swanson says:

    Could you include me in your mailings, i would love to attend what I can.

    • ndking says:

      If you will send me an email as noted with the information listed, I’ll put you on the list to keep updated about the trip. Thanks for your interest!

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