Photo 360 for 2020

Some of you long term readers may remember previous years’ blog  segments on City College’s “Photo 360” events where each year we open our program and facilities to High School Students interested in Photography and perhaps a career in Photography.  It has grown from a one-day event for about 100 students all from San Diego Unified to this year a two day event for almost 300 from regional schools as well.

Since I’m “retired” (even though I’ll be back “pro rata” to teach this Spring’s Landscape Class – more on that later) I came onboard this year simply to help out and to present one of the workshop topics which, this year, was photographing vehicles.   It was, as always, a lot of fun for presenters and students alike.  For my section we had two different vehicles; a very cool restored 1959 Morris “Woody” and a very sleek 430 Ferrari.

For each group I gave a brief intro to some of the issues involved in shooting cars and then we let them blaze away.

Here are a shot of the Woody with our model.  In this scenario she was having a “breakdown” and trying to figure out what tool to use…

Woody with model 01

And here is the Ferrari. The day started out with a slight drizzle but soon cleared up.

ferrari front

And for those who think they’ve seen it all, when was the last time, even here in California, you saw a Ferrari with a Zombie at the wheel? The Special effects makeup instructor provided us with some “unusual” models for our shoots including some high fashion makeup.

Ferrari zombie

We received very high quality reviews from the participants and it was considered, once again, to be a success with everyone looking forward to next year.

I did chat with the car owners and discussed being able to take their cars out and doing some serious photography of them.  Both were amenable to it, and of course I’d show them here.  Now it is an issue of time so maybe by mid semester…  Meantime I’m REALLY anxious to go shooting for the upcoming class.







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3 Responses to Photo 360 for 2020

  1. phoenixraay says:

    Wow that makes for really interesting pictures!

    • ndking says:

      Well it gives the visiting students something to shoot. They also did (this year) fashion photography, portraiture, painting with light, and learned darkroom basics with 4×5 paper negatives and photograms. Plus vendors from major manufacturers were there to show their stuff. It’s always a good event.

  2. gene wild says:

    Looks like a lot of fun as well as educational…and that is what education should be.

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