I was so hoping I would not have to return top this topic — but in my “heart of hearts” I knew better.  And sure enough, last week we saw yet another instance of a young killer opening fire in a school and killing his own school mates, pretty much as I predicted would happen in my book, “Making Schools Safe(r).”

The shooter did confuse the standard, knee-jerk self-proclaimed experts and their preferred narrative by not using an AR15 or any of its variants.  He went “old school” with a shotgun and revolver which he took from his father’s collection.  And once again the cry goes forth upon the land, ” Oh what shall we do.”  But there is an implied extra clause to that question and it actually should be read as “Oh what shall we do that does not inconvenience the life style and social constructs we have created and enjoy.”  So long as we just gore that other guy’s ox and leave ours alone we happily contribute our  wit and wisdom even if it is bereft of any a glancing blow off the truth.

In my book, “Making Schools Safe(r)”  (that you can order direct from Lulu using the following URL: ) I predicted there would be more and more of these until we, as a culture stopped manufacturing these youthful killers.  I highly recommend that if you want to get a handle on this, you get the book and think how, just in your own life, you can help start to turn this sad but predictable around phenomenon around.  Spoiler alert: the books demonstrates quite clearly that these school shooters are not somehow in thrall to their tools.

The real answer does not and will not ever be found addressing the tool, especially with arguments that openly portray an incredible lack of knowledge on the subject but parroting the talking points of others who, it has to be assumed, are as innocent of any real knowledge of the subject despite their clever posts and copied memes on social media.

The answer will only be found addressing us —  all of us —  as a society providing the environment and even motivation for these kids to think the answer to the (in their minds) overwhelming anger and use of violence as a solution.  And that solution is found in the most uncomfortable and inconvenient of places… within ourselves.  If this is an important topic for you I suggest you might read my book and factor my arguments into the equation for you to settle on a resolution in your own world.

Next week is Finals Week at City so I’ve been a bit under the gun trying to get final exams ready and starting the final project grading then grade totals.  This time we are on a short leash to get grades turned in so people can register for follow-on classes if the needed our grade as a prerequisite.

I’m anxious to get this done so I can return to my project of getting the little VW Westfalia (Camper) ready for action.  The poor old gal had not been treated all that well and seems to be enjoying the attention.  She’s now running strong and smoothly thanks to some engine work and then it will be to finish out the upgrades I have planned to let me head into the field and work totally self contained in addition to having internet access to handle my online classes if I’m not at home.

I’m thinking of a trek through Canyon Country and then to visit a friend in Santa Fe and being able to create some still imagery and some video for topic intros and tutorials for my classes all shot on location “out there” somewhere.  It will likely be toward the end of July that all of the planned work is done, but in the meantime a few short “shakedown” cruises in this general region will help me verify that all functions are working or to know which ones are not.

OH, I almost forgot.  A reader of this blog sent me an email asking where a specific post was.  He had someone tell him about it but could find it.  It concerned a loving old traveling couple I observed on a trek to Alabama Hills.  Well, Sir, here is where you can link directly to it:






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  1. Don Rowe says:

    Have a safe journey and fun shoot, I mean photo video op. It’s warming up here, as well as very dry. The NE corner of AZ is under extreme fire alert and many of the campgrounds and parts of the National Forests are closed.

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